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Gorgi's Ikebana Collection with Resene Colours

Gorgi Decorators Notebook with Resene - Ikebana Collection

Gorgi's Ikebana collection is our own version of romantic interiors and has been inspired by the ancient art of arrangement. We feature our latest colour addition to our linen collection – bark, to be fused with accent fabrics in natural earth tones, blues, sea greens and oriental print designs, inspired by nature and created in NZ.

Ikebana [Ik: e: ba :na] The art of Japanese flower arrangement, with formal display according to strict rules.
1. A collection inspired by nature and its texture and spontaneity.
2. A collection for grown ups and those growing up.
3. Ikebana Bark Linen Duvet Cover Set - the base cloth:  [that is the fabric that we use as a backdrop to other products on the top of the bed and also within the room.]
4. Style direction - the fabric family. [fabrics that we use to add layers and interest to the base cloth]. Try products featuring textured cloth e.g., linen- Gorgi's white or natural linen oxfords with their natural slubs and loose weave make these a perfect accessory] 4.a. Style direction - accent fabrics:  [as seen in Gorgi's oversized Velvet Scatter Cushions in colours moss and mustard.] Moss - a warm green-gold is a tonal combination and offers warmth and colour to the top of the bed, on a sofa or occasional chair. Mustard – a gorgeous yellow-gold hue that offers an injection of intelligent colour.
5. Style direction-  furniture. Keep furniture simple, pair with light wood finishes e.g., oak, ply, beech. Choose pieces that are offer structure yet retain balance, look for clean lines with minimal confusion in shape and form. 
6. Style direction – lighting. Organic in shape, almost origami like. Also try simple cylinder or drum shades in textured fabrics such as Gorgi's natural linen for ambience.
Resene colour matches (top to bottom):
Nest Egg, Resene Half Joss, Resene MondoResene Quarter Thorndon Cream, Resene Wilderness 
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