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Where does Gorgi manufacture its products?

All products carrying the Gorgi label is manufactured in New Zealand by industry specialists. We use some of the best in the industry to make our products, in many cases our products are made by the same makers since the launch of our brand.

How do I order a fabric swatch free of charge including freight free?

Once you have selected your chosen fabric swatches, at the Gorgi checkout page, please choose 'Cheque' as your payment option and 'Fabric Swatch Freight Free Delivery' as your delivery option.  


What is an oxford pillowcase?

Gorgi's oxford pillowcases are simply a standard pillowcase with a 5cm flage or hem encasing running along all four sides.


What is a lodge pillow?

This is a larger than normal pillow (55 x 83cm) two lodge pillows fit across a king or super king bed. Gorgi does not manfacture lodge pillowcases as a stock item currently however we can make these to order. Plese enquire via our Bespoke Service.

What is a Gorgi Bed Wrap?

This goes around the base of the bed (like a valance/skirt) Gorgi designs their wraps with no frills, pleats or tucks it just wraps around the base of the bed. The depth of the wrap is 34cm.


Do I need to wash my sheets before I use them?

Yes you will need to cold wash and line dry your sheets before you use them


How many sets of sheets should I have?

You need a minimum of two sets of sheets, this gives each set time to breathe between uses.


How do I keep my sheets white?

Before washing your sheets soak them in cold water … this loosens the dirt before washing. If you can it is good to soak overnight. Washing sheets separately will also help them stay white.

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