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Thread Count

Thread count is simply the number of threads per square inch of fabric. In a quality product, the incremental comfort value of thread counts over 300 is very little. A 300 thread count sheet can feel far superior to a 1000 thread count sheet. Thread count has become a simple number used by marketing people to capture interest and impress with high numbers.

­High thread count doesn't mean much if the threads being counted aren't high quality. Actually, the quality of cotton sheets depends on several factors, including fiber quality, yarn size, finishing, thread count and construction.

A fabric with a thread count of 200 high-quality fibers can have a better hand, or feeling to the touch, than a thread count of 400 inferior-quality fibers or twisted threads.

At Gorgi we keep it simple, all our sheets are manufactured using the same 300 Thread Count White Cotton Percale, we have being using the same cotton sheeting for five years, we have tested it, we sleep in it,  our customers  have tested it, they tell us they love it, how do we know - they tell us, but better than that, they buy again and again. No better testimonial than that!

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