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Gorgi's Smoke Collection with Resene Colours



Gorgi Decorators Notebook with Resene - Smoke Collection
Smoke [smoke] A smoldering grey tone that sits quietly and sedately in your bedroom interior.   
1. Inspired by nature's earth tones. 
2. A warm neutral that sits comfortably with other analogous colour such as black, charcoal, brown, lighter grey hues and taupe, or as a backdrop to considered accents in saturated colour including navy,teal or ochre. 
3. Smoke Linen Duvet Set - the base cloth:  [that is the fabric that we use as a backdrop to other products on the top of the bed and also within the room.]
4. Style direction - the fabric family. [fabrics that we use to add layers and interest to the base cloth]. Try products featuring textured cloth e.g., linen- Gorgi's white, natural or ink navy linen oxfords with their natural slubs and loose weave make these a perfect accessory], or Gorgi's quilts in black and white pinstripe or charcoal velvet.  4.a. Style direction - accent fabrics:  we recommend Gorgi's Oversized Velvet Cushions in colours moss, charcoal, navy, or for added dimensional texture try Gorgi's Wool Black and White Thatch Cushion
5. Style direction -  furniture. and accessories. Keep furniture simple - pared back,  choose lighter timber finishes e.g., oak, ply, beech, even recycled  and up-cycled timber pieces.  Incorporate natural fibres where possible, large oversized woven baskets or chunky jute (or hemp) rugs, image shows the Nest Rug in Charcoal by Armadillo Rugs collection available from www.theivyhouse.co.nz.   Mix with recycled glass or ceramic cylinders and jars in light tints to maintain a softer feel, image shows large Spanish Jar and Genie Lidded ceramic vessel from www.freedomfurniture.co.nz. Artwork can be your statement piece as desired, here you can choose colour, graphic bold prints or illustrations in a gentle palette of earth tones  - as shown Owl artwork by Kelly Thompson – Illustrator www.kellythompson.co.nz 
6. Style direction – lighting. Look for pendants with interesting  yet simple finishes such as the ceramic pendant shown by Resident  or table lamps such as the iconic De Lucchi Fassina Tolomeo Neck Lamp.
7. Resene Wall Colours. We selected a simple analogous palette of Resene colour to complement our Smoke Collection. Statement walls can be painted out in Foundry (a Gorgi all time favourite), if you have a large space then you could paint all walls , note - with a smaller space take care with strong colour as this can make the room appear smaller.  With a smaller space or to keep it simple and paint the walls in Triple Truffle or Double Barely There.  When using lighter colour keep your window sills at half strength or maintain colour right through to retain a contemporary look to your interior. 

Smoke is our latest colour addition to our Grown Ups collection, specifically a fabric constructed in a mix of linen and viscose to make this an easy care choice for the bedroom. The grey is a warm grey with subtle brown undertones that presents almost 'glazed' giving it a luxury appeal.
Resene colour matches (left to right): Resene Double Barely There, Resene Triple Truffle,
Resene Foundry

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